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Rural Sanitation Intervention in India

For my master's capstone project, I designed a randomized control trial (RCT) to evaluate three sanitation interventions, two of which I designed, in Bihar, India. The RCT measured whether the use of improved sanitation facilities, measured through adoption rates and health outcomes (specifically rates of reported diarrhea and soil-transmitted helminth infections), can be increased through interventions focused on changing collective behavior, and/or developing facilities tailored to user preferences. 

The purpose of this evaluation was to question why we are not seeing the expected causal relationship between an increase in latrines and increase in health outcomes in rural areas of India. Therefore we focused on the demand and use of sanitation facilities, rather than solely looking at access.  

One of my interventions, based on user centered design, earned me a spot as a finalist in the San Diego Social Innovation Competition.

March 2015

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