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After grad school, I worked as a consultant for the World Bank's Development Economics Data Group (DECDG). In addition to working on collecting and managing financial data, I have had the opportunity to use Tableau, Data Wrapper, and the Adobe Creative Suite to add data visualization to our team's work. Here are some examples of my work.


1. We have published three Online Quarterly Bulletins on debt statistics.
March 2016
June 2016
September 2016

This chart is from the most recent bulletin. Graphs were created with Data Wrapper and Adobe.

2. I had the opportunity to publish blogs for the World Bank Open Data Blog. The chart to the right is from a short post on digital technologies

It shows that while the gap between access to mobile phones and internet remains, in general, the spread of digital technologies in low- and middle-income countries since 1990s has been remarkable, especially when compared with relatively modest advances in areas such as water and sanitation.

This chart was featured in the World Bank's "Year in Review: 2016 in 12 Charts."

3. The debt portal serves as the financial data team's online hub. The comparison table was created using Tableau.